About Us


About Us

Many products are less expensive in the South Africa but sellers and websites do not ship directly to international addresses. This is where Simple Global Freight can help. With Simple Global Freight you can shop websites like eBay, Amazon and Walmart, ship your purchases to our warehouse and then we will ship the packages to you. If you have trouble purchasing from any website, our Assisted Purchase program can help you buy what you want. No credit card is needed as we accept many forms of payment.


Make it easy for consumers all over the world to purchase items online in the South Africa
Offer fast, reliable, efficient and affordable package services and shipping
Reply quickly to support tickets, chats, emails and messages from customers
Enter all incoming packages into customer suites in a timely manner
Send outgoing packages in a timely manner
Work every day to eliminate mistakes
Have happy satisfied customer which recommend our service to others
Stop Fraud and be a trusted agent for merchants
Low Shipping Rates

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